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Septic Evaluations

Best Septic – Septic Evaluations
Taking care of your septic system is protecting your investment, your time and the environment. Without proper maintenance and evaluations, septic systems can fail.  A proper evaluations will give you a full working view of your system from the tank to the drainfield.

 Oregon D.E.Q. (Department of Environmental Quality) is currently changing its regulations for the protection of the environment and our drinking water.  These regulations will also protect homeowners, realtors and home buyers by verifying the history of the tank and the condition that it is in at the time of the sale.  Our sister company in Washington has made this regulatory change already and gives us the benefit of their experience.  Our D.E.Q. certified technicians will inspect your system provide you with a complete report outlining the health of your system and drain field, including suggested maintenance.

What we do during an Evaluation

  • Determine sludge, scum and liquid levels in each of the compartments of all tanks in the system, determining if pumping is needed.
  • Check operation and dosing of any pumps in the system.
  • Inspect drain field area.
  • Ensure that all components are in good working condition.

Receiving a professional evaluations from Best Septic can help keep your septic system out of sight, out of mind and performing at its best.

Areas We Service
Best Septic currently provides septic system inspection in
South Linn, South Benton, Marion, Polk, North Douglas and all of Lane County

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