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Septic FAQ

Septic Tank Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Should You Have Your Tank Pumped?
There are a lot of variables to how often you pump your septic system, such as the number of people in the home, the amount of water used, garbage disposal use, the size and age of the tank. The size of the septic tank should be determined by the number of bedrooms in the home. For an average home the following is recommended for pumping your septic tank:

Household with 1 Person: Every 5 years
Household with 2 People: Every 4 years
Household with 3 People: Every 3 years
Household with 4 to 5 People: Every 1-2 years

What else should I be aware of in the use of my septic system?
-Eliminate Grease Discharge
-Use Only Biodegradable Products
-Limit Use of Garbage Disposals (see below)

Why not to use a garage disposal with my septic tank?
Garbage disposals should not be used with a septic system, as they add large amounts of solids which bacteria are incapable of breaking down. The garbage disposal tends to grind the food particles small enough to pass through the septic tank into the leaching field, which can cause permanent damage. If you use your garbage disposal your septic tank should be cleaned annually.

What is harmful to flush into my septic system?

-Food scraps
-Sanitary/personal hygiene items
-Coffee grounds
-Fats, grease, oils
-Hazardous chemicals: paint, varnish, thinners, pesticides, oils
-Plastic bags
-Disposal Diapers & Baby wipes
-Cat litter
-Cigarette butts
-Paper towels
-Limit use of Antibacterial Soaps

What are the most common signs of possible septic system failure? (Once you experience symptoms, you may have already damaged your drainfield beyond repair).

-Slow draining of your sinks, tubs, toilets or washing machine
-Backup of toilets, sinks, drains or washing machine
-Sewage odors
-Gurgling sounds
-Wet or mushy ground at tank or the drain field area
-Grass growing faster or greener in one particular area

You should be alert to the above warning signs and call Best Septic to have your system pumped and cleaned.  We will also review your system with you at no charge.

Have a question regarding your septic system?
Need help finding your septic system we can locate your lids for you as well.

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